Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm baaaaack!!!

And I'm doing super well thank you very much! I have returned to my bloggo after a much needed break. BEDM was really too much for me. I have returned to The Great North after a week in NJ. It was one exhausting week, let me tell you. I spent the holiday weekend down in Seaside with my lady friends and it was CRAZY! There are really no words. There was dancing, drinking, more dancing, more drinking, celebrity sightings (Jersey Shore cast yesssssss) and somewhere in there we actually spent time on the beach. I will say though that as amazing and fun as this weekend was, nothing is more important than My Night With Meg Cabot. I capitalized that because it makes it seem more official. What really happened is that I went to a bookstore (that was frankly too small to host an author as fabulous as Meg)and listened to Meg Cabot (my idol in absolutely everything I do) talk about what it is like to be a writer. I mean it was really about what it's like for HER to be a writer because let's face it, it's different for everybody. Let me tell you something about Meg Cabot, she is FANTASTIC. Absolutely everything I imagined her to be which was shocking really because you're not really supposed to actually meet your idols, seeing as they usually let you down. But not Meg. Listening to her speak about her writing and life in general was like listening to myself. No joke, I feel like we should be best friends. One day. Anyway, I got to ask her a question and I nearly passed out I was so nervous. I didn't realize how nervous I was about meting her until I opened my mouth to talk and could barely hear myself speaking over the obnoxiously loud thumping of my heart and the blood rushing to my head. Just reread that part and want to clarify something for you 7 (7 of you? Where did you all come from??)I am not in love with Meg Cabot. I just worship her. Lots. Anyway, I was super sneaky because I asked her if it was hard for her to hand over her work to people who adapt her books into screenplays (she's done it several times, 2 movies, 1 M4TV movie, and a television series...she's phenomenal) and she said that it wasn't hard because she always loves seeing someone elses interpretation of her stories. This is fantastic news to me because I really want to do that with one of her books, Boy Meets Girl, (which I had her sign) and little does Ms. Cabot know she basically just gave me permission to do it. Btdubbz, the message she wrote in my book was "For Nicolette, You Rule! Meg Cabot" and guess what guys? I DO rule!

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