Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm getting really bad at this

Dear Everyone,
I would like you all to know that my life is going super well these days. I have a new job (receptionist at the salon I go to- yay!!!!) and there is a new guy in my life. It's a very exciting time for everybody involved. This new guy looks exactly like Ron Weasley. Is that not the best or what???????? He's also very nice and not at all like the soul sucking Dementor that once haunted my life. ALSO that little noodle #9 has been here for the past two weeks!! It has been delightful to spend so much time with my little sister. Also it has been REALLY nice to have someone watch Pretty Liars and Degrassi: Now or Never with. Which brings me to my next point: D:NON is doing great things to my tv! But there is not nearly enough Sav yet...really hoping they get on that. In other news: Everybody needs to listen to Christina Perri's album. The entire thing. I'm not kidding. Go now and do this.That is all.

Nico out!

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