Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lots of stuff has happened. But instead of going on and on and on about it, I'ma just list them for you.

1) My gallbladder has been removed. Surgery was about two weeks ago and recovery has been a raging bitch. Turns out I'm allergic to the glue they used to put humpty back together again.

2) I've decided to go back to school because i have FINALLY found a program that will earn me a degree (or certificate rather, but who really gives a shit?)in Event Planning.Hooray!

3) After spending one glorious year here, I have to leave the Great North. Why, you ask? Dear reader, it is because school is in New Jersey. Who would've thought? It felt like a bit of a step back at first but I'm realizing it's more of a step in the right direction this time. It didn't help that the school I'm going to is the same one I left two years ago. Can I get a Womp WOMP?

4) I have had a creative breakthrough. I cannot say any more than that. Except that I'm so fucking talented I almost feel bad about it. Minus the feeling bad part.That was just bullshit I was feeding you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

hangover city: population 2

Sistah #1 and I are STRUGGLING today....it was a great night and I would say it was definitely worth the morning after. 

Here's what happened with my costume in chronological order:
1) my mother's sewing machine had a broken part so I had to order it and PRAY the part would come in time.
2) When it looked like that was not going to happen Sistah #1's VERY generous friend lent us her machine.
3)That machine lacked a part as well.
4)I begin to hand sew my costume.
5)The part to the original machine arrived on thursday afternoon.
6)The machine still won't work.
7)I end up sewing the entire thing by hand. 

My mother is so proud. Here's the end result of the Yummy Mummy (cleverly name by Sistah #1):

Saturday, October 15, 2011



I've already had to call my mother twice.

Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

made carrot cake tonight. Awesome you say? You betcha!

None of you participated in last post's game so therefore you will never get another chance to play one. Congratulations on seven of you, you've ruined it for everyone!

In other news, my gallbladder needs to be taken out. It's basically turned into a big hackey sack full of stones. 
GROSSED OUT YET????????????
Anyway, this new development has been super frustrating in my eating life. As you all know, I have been trying to cut down on the crappier foods and lose the lb's and blah blah blah. Well, this new diet has me eating NO FAT WHATSOEVER! Not even the good kind, like avocado. I'm going to miss that little guy's presence in my life. RIP Avocado. The most frustrating thing of all though is that I can't find any good snacks. Pretzels? Nope. Rice quakes? Not even close to being an option. It's tough I tell ya, real tough. 
Other things that are going on: Jonpaiz ran away to California. I miss him dearly. It really sucks having one of your best friends literally on the other side of the country. I am single again, which is neither here nor there. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I guess that's all that is new today.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I don't think I could go on a first date if I couldn't drink!"

We're going to play a game called guess which sister of mine gave me the above quote. You may submit your answers below. The winner receives a high five upon our next encounter.

So lately I've been getting pretty serious about this whole Event Planning thing. I have taken on the task of planning the wedding of a very good friend of mine in hopes that it will lead me to more clients, a portfolio, and perhaps some guidance in this area. I'm starting to realize that while running my own event planning business is something that I was never really interested in, it may be the only way to really get into this business. At my "advanced age" (I'm only 24 but apparently that's like super old when it comes to this type of thing) I don't really qualify for internships and because I don't have an actual college degree I don't qualify for an entry level job. As you can probably imagine, I am getting super frustrated. For a while I was kind of upset that I have to devote this next school year to nannying (the salon job didn't work out) instead of something I actually care about BUT it is giving me the time to do some research. Like today, I discovered that there is a difference between a Bridal Consultant and a Wedding Planner. Sistah #1 guessed the differences before I even looked it up. She's just super smart like that I guess. ANYWAY I'm trying to figure out where to really go from here. Are online certifications a total scam? My one side of my brain ( I don't know which, you can pick) says "DUH NICOLETTE OF COURSE IT IS! Don't be an idiot!!" while the other half (the opposite of the one you originally chose) is saying "But it would be so easy to use this time I have to get a certification without actually having to go to school and spend your nights crying over your math homework..." Math is my nemesis. It makes my throat get all dry and my stomach starts to hurt and I get the urge to drop to the fetal position and cry, cry, cry in the lonely night. So you can see my dilemma here. I know that eventually I want to have a college degree. That is part of my ultimate goal. But the other part of my ultimate goal is to actually start my career of choice before I am 80. So am I trying to find any loophole possible? Yes. There is no doubt about it. I admit, I am a big fan of taking the easy way out if it will benefit me. 

Also, just to clarify, I do know that an online certification is not the equivalent of a college degree. 


Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm getting really bad at this

Dear Everyone,
I would like you all to know that my life is going super well these days. I have a new job (receptionist at the salon I go to- yay!!!!) and there is a new guy in my life. It's a very exciting time for everybody involved. This new guy looks exactly like Ron Weasley. Is that not the best or what???????? He's also very nice and not at all like the soul sucking Dementor that once haunted my life. ALSO that little noodle #9 has been here for the past two weeks!! It has been delightful to spend so much time with my little sister. Also it has been REALLY nice to have someone watch Pretty Liars and Degrassi: Now or Never with. Which brings me to my next point: D:NON is doing great things to my tv! But there is not nearly enough Sav yet...really hoping they get on that. In other news: Everybody needs to listen to Christina Perri's album. The entire thing. I'm not kidding. Go now and do this.That is all.

Nico out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm baaaaack!!!

And I'm doing super well thank you very much! I have returned to my bloggo after a much needed break. BEDM was really too much for me. I have returned to The Great North after a week in NJ. It was one exhausting week, let me tell you. I spent the holiday weekend down in Seaside with my lady friends and it was CRAZY! There are really no words. There was dancing, drinking, more dancing, more drinking, celebrity sightings (Jersey Shore cast yesssssss) and somewhere in there we actually spent time on the beach. I will say though that as amazing and fun as this weekend was, nothing is more important than My Night With Meg Cabot. I capitalized that because it makes it seem more official. What really happened is that I went to a bookstore (that was frankly too small to host an author as fabulous as Meg)and listened to Meg Cabot (my idol in absolutely everything I do) talk about what it is like to be a writer. I mean it was really about what it's like for HER to be a writer because let's face it, it's different for everybody. Let me tell you something about Meg Cabot, she is FANTASTIC. Absolutely everything I imagined her to be which was shocking really because you're not really supposed to actually meet your idols, seeing as they usually let you down. But not Meg. Listening to her speak about her writing and life in general was like listening to myself. No joke, I feel like we should be best friends. One day. Anyway, I got to ask her a question and I nearly passed out I was so nervous. I didn't realize how nervous I was about meting her until I opened my mouth to talk and could barely hear myself speaking over the obnoxiously loud thumping of my heart and the blood rushing to my head. Just reread that part and want to clarify something for you 7 (7 of you? Where did you all come from??)I am not in love with Meg Cabot. I just worship her. Lots. Anyway, I was super sneaky because I asked her if it was hard for her to hand over her work to people who adapt her books into screenplays (she's done it several times, 2 movies, 1 M4TV movie, and a television series...she's phenomenal) and she said that it wasn't hard because she always loves seeing someone elses interpretation of her stories. This is fantastic news to me because I really want to do that with one of her books, Boy Meets Girl, (which I had her sign) and little does Ms. Cabot know she basically just gave me permission to do it. Btdubbz, the message she wrote in my book was "For Nicolette, You Rule! Meg Cabot" and guess what guys? I DO rule!