Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lots of stuff has happened. But instead of going on and on and on about it, I'ma just list them for you.

1) My gallbladder has been removed. Surgery was about two weeks ago and recovery has been a raging bitch. Turns out I'm allergic to the glue they used to put humpty back together again.

2) I've decided to go back to school because i have FINALLY found a program that will earn me a degree (or certificate rather, but who really gives a shit?)in Event Planning.Hooray!

3) After spending one glorious year here, I have to leave the Great North. Why, you ask? Dear reader, it is because school is in New Jersey. Who would've thought? It felt like a bit of a step back at first but I'm realizing it's more of a step in the right direction this time. It didn't help that the school I'm going to is the same one I left two years ago. Can I get a Womp WOMP?

4) I have had a creative breakthrough. I cannot say any more than that. Except that I'm so fucking talented I almost feel bad about it. Minus the feeling bad part.That was just bullshit I was feeding you.

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