Sunday, October 23, 2011

hangover city: population 2

Sistah #1 and I are STRUGGLING was a great night and I would say it was definitely worth the morning after. 

Here's what happened with my costume in chronological order:
1) my mother's sewing machine had a broken part so I had to order it and PRAY the part would come in time.
2) When it looked like that was not going to happen Sistah #1's VERY generous friend lent us her machine.
3)That machine lacked a part as well.
4)I begin to hand sew my costume.
5)The part to the original machine arrived on thursday afternoon.
6)The machine still won't work.
7)I end up sewing the entire thing by hand. 

My mother is so proud. Here's the end result of the Yummy Mummy (cleverly name by Sistah #1):

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