Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rockstar status!!!

Alright let's just dive right in today shall we? First of all I'd like to say that I was a total ROCKSTAR today. I began the day with some yoga. Let me just say that this was the first yoga class I've taken in like, 3 years. It was a little intense but I can honestly say I put a hundred percent into it. I find it so fascinating how you can get in touch with the different parts of your body just by using certain positions and breathing techniques. For instance, my entire left side (especially my legs) is so much tighter than my right. I have to work twice as hard to get my left side relaxed and loosened up. Now, I think all four of you readers will be proud of me when you hear about how I handled my personal dilemma today. I was making lunch for myself and my nephew and for like ten minutes I found myself debating over whether or not I should make myself the same thing as the Zack Attack. He was feasting upon a fluffernutter. I'm sure you all know what a fluffernutter is but just in case you're a total weirdo, a fluffernutter is a sandwich made of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. My debate consisted of all sorts of inner turmoil (Not really, it wasn't that dramatic).But I did find myself trying to rationalize my choice of sandwich. Here's what my inner monologue was like: "Well, the peanut butter is reduced fat...and I could only have a half a sandwich...and it is whole grain bread..." it went on like this for a little while. Then I decided to have a bowl of progresso chicken noodle (Light, of course) with a side of some pop chips. And guess what? It was delish!!! Proud? Yep I thought so.

Moving to the Great North (that's what I'm calling CT now. I mean, there is so much snow here!) has brought me two indescribably wonderful things. So wonderful, so amazing, that I just can't believe that I went my whole life without these things involved in it. The first is Bumble and Bumble Hair Tonic. I know it's a hair product but seriously, my new stylist (a freaking genius btubbz) introduced me to it and it is AMAZING!!!! It is just so good!!! I'm growing my hair out a bit longer and it tends to break after a while and the tonic just adds all these extra vitamins and stuff back into my hair to keep it healthy. It is awesome. 

The next wonderfully amazing thing to happen to me is Homer. Homer is one of the two dogs that I now live with. I have never had a pet before but I have always known that I was a dog person. Holly and Homer are the names of my new dogs and they're both great but Homer is amazing. He's so great that I don't even mind that my clothes are constantly covered in dog hair! True story! I honestly feel like I have found my soulmate, only he is trapped in a dog's body. Is that weird? Probably. Seriously though. He loves to snuggle. In fact, as I was writing this he came downstairs and laid down right on my feet! He always initiates hand/paw holding. He's just so sweet and laid back and cuddly. The dogs aren't supposed to be in the bedrooms but Homeslice is just so cute that I sometimes let him hang out whilst I journal. Don't tell on us though, we'll get in big trouble.

Look at this face. Go ahead and try to tell me you'd say no to him.

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