Sunday, January 30, 2011

That voodoo that I do

This weekend was EXHAUSTING!!! But in the very best of ways. I had some serious gal pal time with two AMAZING ladies and it was Sistah #1's birthday weekend!! Her actual birthday isn't until tomorrow but whatevah! Anyway, the weekend started off perfectly with Margaret (one of my besties) arriving friday evening. We decided that the best way to spend our time together was to get hammered. And so we went to this sports bar about fifteen minutes away from us. I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, I knew beforehand that it was a sports bar. It was really great though because when we were at the bar there were tv's pretty much everywhere and of the two tv's that were in front of us, one was playing some basketball game (I think it was the Celtics versus whoever) and the other was broadcasting a Maroon 5 concert. So every time we clapped and got excited for the band (that Adam Levine is foine!!!!!) it looked like we were cheering for something involving the game and therefore made us look like we really were there for the sports and not for the guys, even though we all know the real truth.  Speaking of which, I know it's only two hours away from the dirty Jerz but the guys up here are so different! For instance, they all had their own individual style. There wasn't a blowout or Ed Hardy shirt in sight, and they all looked like they showered sometime in the last 5 hours! It was pleasantly shocking. Anyway, four beers and a shot of Jaeger later, we decided to call it a night and peaced on outta there. Saturday brought the departure of Margaret but it also delivered the arrival of my very good friend, Red. Together we helped celebrate my sister's birthday by pounding back delightful beverages consisting of Malibu, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine. I would absolutely recommend this drink because not only is it DELISH but it looks really pretty too. We decided that it was just like a tequila sunrise, only it tasted good. Because it wasn't made with tequila. All in all it was a great night. Sadly she had to get back home because she's a grown up and has this thing called a "job", something I will hopefully have tomorrow after my interview (!!!!). But before I let her depart we treated ourselves to mani/pedis. This was a pretty difficult task because half the nail salons (along with ALL liquor stores) in CT are closed on Sundays!! But after much adventuring on our part we finally found one! It was also only 30 dollas for both mani and pedi- not a terrible deal. We had a great time catching up but the very best part of her visit was that after she read this very bloggy, she decided I needed to rid my life of terrible people and she brought me a little something out. Here is a picture: 

It's a voodoo doll. Like, a legit voodoo doll from a voodoo priestess in NOLA. AND it came with instructions that I MUST share with you!!!!
Step 1: Lie down the voodoo doll on table or hang on the wall.
Step 2: Close your eyes and concentrate deeply on you victim or enemies at (office, school, exwife, etc.) or friend (any person you intend to help)
Step 3: White pin is for good luck, Black pin is for evil!

You're welcome.

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  1. Sunrises are delicious i bet i can make you one that youd actually like