Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bon Jovi!!! and more!

It has officially been two weeks since I last posted....not that much has happened. Well, I mean a guess a good amount has happened. I have officially lost 5 pounds. I know, it doesn't sound right to me either but I think it's because a lot of my fat is converting right into muscle, and therefore the numbers don't change. It's ok though because I am TOTALLY happy with this! The next thing is that my baby sister came to visit me!!! She's not really a baby though being that she's in fact18 years old. She's going to college next year!! Baby Sis is all grown up!! :( That is pretty much all I have to say about my first week not posting anything on this bloggie. The second week was chock full o' stuff!!!! Sistah #1 and I went to see BON JOVI!!!! SWOON!!!!!!!!! They were amazing!!! We had a wonderful time!! After that I went to the dirty Jerz for the weekend. This was by no means a relaxing weekend away. I had an amazing trip but by the time I got home I was exhausted!!!! Friday morning I had a delightful bagel breakfast with one of my closest friends and came quite close to losing my appetite after an accidental Voldemort sighting. Ladies beware, if you look him in the eye you'll probably turn to stone, his powers of wretchedness are terribly similar to those of Medusa. I didn't let that ruin my day though! If anything it made it better because let's face it, I look great. That night we went into the city to see one of our friends in her student showcase- she's fabulous and adorable and all around incredibly talented!! Then we decided to party it up in Hoboken. Margaret and I just love to dance so that's what we did! That, and try to avoid lecherous douchers who do nothing but chase us around and try to stick their beer-coated tongues down our throats. Not cute guys. Not cute at all. That night was ridiculous to say the least. When we got home the pain in my feet and the booze in my head forced me to literally crawl into my house on my hands and knees. It was bad news bears. Saturday night was another shit show altogether. I had too much beer and when I got home got a real bad case of the spins. Not fun. But I always say that if you're going to fall apart at the seams, do it in private. I would never force the whole bar to worry about the state of my previously ingested dinner. That is between me and the spaghetti pot I slept with (purely for precautionary measures, of course).

Now there is something very important I would like to discuss. I have recently come to terms with the fact that my life is not a romantic comedy. I certainly wish it were, but I am not so lucky. There are certain contributing factors that would make it seem as though my life were headed in that direction but then reality pokes it's ugly head into the mix and pulls me back down to earth. For example, my best friend and I talk every day. Some days we even talk in the car on our way to work in the morning. Total Romcom material right? Only if we were in a real Romcom, we would talk on the phone on the way to work, and then when we got to work it would turn out that we were employed at the same place. Not the case here. We don't even work in the same state! Now about a month and a half ago I moved. Pretty much the whole year leading up to this move was filled with a "will we" "won't we?" scenario with a friend of mine. We have a great chemistry together but neither one of us was ever going to make the move. Then the last night I was in NJ, I made the move. I asked him if he ever planned on kissing me and he said yes, so he did, and then the Counting Crows' "Accidentally in Love" started playing, and the stars all got swirly, and we lived happily ever after. JUST KIDDING! THIS IS REAL LIFE! We did kiss, then I moved, and then nothing ever happened after that. A few texts here and there, and a terribly awkward reunion last week is all the history he and I will ever have. If this post disappointed and depressed you then good. I'm glad. I'm not the only one who should have to suffer through the realities of life alone.

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