Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who's awesome? I'M AWESOME!

Ok, so today was FANTASTIC! Went to work, ran after small children all morning and one of my coworkers commented on how I'm looking smaller these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was beyond thrilled! Elated even! Because as all 4 of you know, I have been extremely frustrated with doing all this hard work and seeing no results! That one compliment made my day. Seriously though. The past couple days I've kinda been noticing that my shirts were feeling a little loose in certain areas but I wasn't sure if I was just making it all up in my head. And then right when I least expected it, BLAMMO! My first compliment on my already foine, soon-to-be smokin' bod. It was the perfect timing too because today marked exactly one month since I made the move to the Great North. Check this though: as great as that moment was for me, it WASN'T the only awesome thing that happened today. Let me set the scene.

Tonight, 7:24: Zumba. I walk in the double doors, take a deep breath of that old hockey equipment air, and saunter over to the front window, where I expect to get my dose of my usually twice weekly fill of flirty banter. Btdubbz, this is the gym that I don't belong to, so I was sauntering for the cute boy who tricked me into signing up. I walk, sorry, I saunter over to the window, and what do I see? Some fourteen year old kid, who didn't even check to see if I was a member. I mean really, if they are just going to assume I'm a member then why, oh WHY am I paying?? Except I guess it's ok, because the cute one always remembers me (by name!!), so I guess he doesn't really need to check my card. Anyway, upon seeing the little turdling I sign the paper and walk downstairs to the Zumba room to join my fellow booty shakers. Then what to my wondering eyes should appear? The cute guy from upstairs and eight tiny reindeer! Just kidding, there were no reindeer. The Brawny paper towel guy (original version, not the new average Joe guy) and three of his other friends decided to take the class tonight!!!! It was pretty hilarious because he has very little coordination but it was still adorable. I have never taken a Zumba class with guys in it before (except for this one time, but he wasn't that cute and his wife was there so it didn't really count) so I was a little nervy-poo but I soon got over it, as I saw this as an opportunity to show him that I know how to shake what my momma and the Big Guy upstairs so kindly bestowed upon me. Having these incredibly cute guys there was actually more motivation for me to put my all into the class. I doubt they'll show up again, and really I don't even know why they were there to begin with, but at least now I have some more ammo for Monday's flirt sesh. Oh yeah! I also noticed during the class that my workout pants are ever so slightly too big for me! Aren't I just so awesome???? I'm glad they have a drawstring on them because I just bought them like 2 weeks ago. And as excited as I am to lose more weight, my wallet is not looking forward to it as much.

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