Friday, April 1, 2011

When in doubt, dance out

I have some excellent news. I have discovered a HUGE difference between the male members of both Connecticut and New Jersey. I will share this kernel of knowledge with you shortly but first I must start at the beginning. Last week my sister left me. She took her husband, their three children, and a bunch of suitcases and peaced out, leaving me with nothing but two snuggly pups and an otherwise empty house to look after. The first few days were fun. Although, I got a little lonely at night so I ended up moving the dog beds into my room. Cozy. However, I was free to come and go as I pleased (not that this is ever really an issue) and I always had control over what was on the television. This was all well and good but come Friday I just could not wait for my girls to arrive. So we went out to this great place called Molly Darcy's and we're dancing and singing along with the music (aka losing my shit when the band started playing a Bon Jovi medley) and then all of a sudden a miracle happens! This guy was dancing near me, like kind of trying to dance with me but not really wanting to be too forward, and then that "Hello" song came on and he started flailing about! All of a sudden one of his arms comes flying past my face and smacked my (full) beer out of my hand! The bottle literally shattered all over the ground but nobody else seemed to notice the tidal wave of Michelob Ultra cascading over my pants and the dance floor. Now if we were in Jersey, I would have lost it and started telling the guy off. Or rather my friends would do it on my behalf because hey, let's face it, I'm not really interested in confrontation. Said guy would have most likely responded with a "Whoops my bad" and then danced his way to the other side of the room. However, we were in the Great North and up here, there are other ways of handling the situation. In fact I didn't have to do anything! I didn't even have time to be mad! Once that bottle exploded into a thousand beer flavored fairies,this guy goes "Oh man I'm so, so, sorry. Here, come with me I'll buy you a new one." And just like that, my faith in the Connecticut male was solidified. It was a beautiful moment. As much as I have spouted my never ending love for Connecticut I will say this much: nobody knows how to party like Jersey girls do. I men the guys up here, they go out for some beers and whatever and if they meet someone they meet someone but I can honestly say that I never see single girls out on the town. If there are girls at the bar it's because their boyf couldn't convince them to stay home and write the diary that night. Isn't that strange? I mean even the singer of the band that night told us he could tell we weren't from around here. And then he certainly wasn't surprised when he found out where we're actually from. Here's the thing, I consider myself to be a pretty classy lady. But I sure as hell know how to throw down when there is something to be celebrated. I'm even all for making up holidays if it gives us an excuse to party. I've met women who've been living here for almost twenty years but they haven't lost their Jersey pride! Even my sister has been here for like, fifteen years and she still knows how to play a kickass game of flipcup! Who do you think taught me everything I know about drinking beer? Certainly not the men in my life that's for sure! I guess it just goes to show that you can take the girl from Jersey but you certainly can't take Jersey from the girl.

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