Sunday, May 1, 2011

For Wess.

Hokay, because I was such a failure last month I am now proclaiming (at the very strong urgings of my dear friend Wessica)this to be the start of BEDM. This stand for Blog Every Day of May. It only kind of rhymes. I will certainly try not to let all 7(!!) of you readers down. 
 First of all I'd like to say that Easter was quite the success. Our matching pj's were quite the adorable choice. The week leading up to Easter however was exhausting. I spent 4 days in Jersey catching up with my family and friends I left behind when I moved on up to the  Great North. The best/worst part of it though was shopping for my baby sister's prom dress. It was the very last prom dress my parents will ever by for their children. Unless little brother decides to go that route but I sincerely doubt that will be the case. It was so fun but so sad at the same time!! It's so hard to believe that she'll be going off to college next year! And with my track record she will most likely finish school before I do. That was a joke. Except not really. Honestly though, I think the rest of us are way more emotional about it than she is. I know for a fact that I cared more about the final Prom Shopping Excursion than my own mother did. But I guess after five daughters she's pretty psyched to put an end to the purchasing of expensive dresses that let's face it, will only be worn once. Or twice. Depending on how many times you decide to wear it just because you feel like looking pretty. OH, that's not a normal thing? Not every girl does that? My b.

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