Friday, May 13, 2011

first of all

I just realized that the post I did last night did not actually publish. So there's that. Basically it was about how I went to the most hilarious t-ball game I've ever been to in my life. There was this little girl who when they were in the outfield, literally laid down on the field and stared off into the great blue yonder. Seriously hysterical. Also BIG NEWS GUYS! My legs are getting into super awesome shape due to all the zumba/spin/etc. that I've been doing so I'm looking forward to purchasing (and actually wearing) shorts for the first time ever! I mean I've worn shorts before, I've just always kind of hated it and preferred skirts. I still love skirts. And sundresses. Because they're adorable and tis the season and all that but the point is that I'm feeling pretty good about my gams these days. Also I've just always wanted to use gams in a sentence. Now that I have it just doesn't feel right though.

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