Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo!!

I was a lazy bum today and decided not to work out. Probs not an entirely brilliant plan but mah legs needed a break. I think if I worked them any harder this week they would've detached themselves from my hips and walked themselves right out the door. They're legs, what do they care anyway? Got a mini-massage at work today. It was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! It was only ten minutes but it was ten minutes of pure bliss. I nearly passed out right there in the chair. I absolutely will be investing in a full-length massage one of these days. I get a discount so it shouldn't be too expensive. Though, if we're being honest here (and of course I am) I should really not be spending the money I definitely do not have on a massage. If there's a beauty treatment I'm going to spend my hard earned dollahs on it's a facial. I could seriously use one. I did recently fall in love with a new facial cleanser though. It's Burt's bees Soap bark and chamomile deep cleanser. It's amazing. My skin is now so soft and I only need to moisturize at night. Plus it smells like lemon sorbet so, BONUS for my nose!! Alright it's time for me to go read until some ungodly hour of the night. It's a taxing job to be me, but somebody has to do it ;)

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